Group Photo

Jinsheng Wen (温锦生)



Ph.D. Stony Brook University, 08/2010.
B.S. Tsinghua University, 07/2005.



Since 2013— Professor, Physics Department, Nanjing University.
09/2010-12/2012— Postdoctor, Physics Department, UC Berkeley.
03/2006-08/2010— RA, Condensed Matter Physics Dept., Brookhaven Lab.


Awards and Honors:

10/2013 “Jiangsu” Professor
09/2013 New Century’s Talent
06/2010 Outstanding Chinese Students Abroad


A CV can be found here.

Graduate students
Class 2012

Shichao Li(李世超)


Born in Jun 11, 1990
B.S.: Nanjing University of Posts and Communications in 2012
Research interests: neutron scattering studies on unconventional superconductors
Motto: To make every day count

Class 2013

Yuan Gan(甘远)


I was born in December 1992 in Jingzhou, a historic city of Hubei province. I had my BS degree in Physics from Northeast Normal University in July 2013. I was admitted to the graduate school of Nanjing University in September 2013. I joined the Neutron Scattering Group on September 8, 2013, and I will fully devote myself into the research in the future.

Class 2014

Kejing Ran(冉柯静)


Hello! I'm Kejing Ran, an optimistic girl with variety of interests, such as singing, dancing, sports, and so on. I was born in November, 1992, and my motto is: Gold refines in the fire, and men in trouble. I'm so happy to be part of this group, and hoping I can gain something more than physics.

Jinghui Wang(王靖珲)


Hello! My name is Wang Jinghui. I was born in May, 1992. I'm now studying in Nanjing University and majoring in condensed matter physics with interests in both experiments and theories. I like sports such as badminton and swimming. Honored to join this group, and I hope to discover more phenomena and have a better understanding of physics.

Class 2015

Zhen Ma(马祯)

I am from Zaozhuang, Shandong province and I am studying in Nanjing University now. Physics is a magic world, so we can get much pleasure from it. It is my honor to become a member of Neutron Scattering Group, and I am ready to fight for her development.

Class 2016

Song Bao(鲍嵩)


My name is Bao Song, I was born in January of 1995. I may get my bachelor degree of physics in Nanjing University in 2016, however, my studying in physics will never end at all. I will continue my research and life here next four or five years. I am interested in the magnetic material, wanting to know the microstructure of crystal in which the neutron scattering can be an ideal probe. I really expect my next studying in this group!

Zhengwei Cai(蔡正蔚)


Hello! My name is Cai Zhengwei. I was born in June, 1994. I am interested in various things like sports and reading. I believe nothing can be eternal. So I enjoy the process of changes and am willing to find the reason behind it. I am honored to join this group, and the story has just begun.


Undergraduate students
Class 2014

Chi Zhang(张驰)


Hometown: Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Born: October 17, 1995

Hobbies: making static models, reading books of physics and mathematics, cooking, etc.

Motto: Felix, qui potest rerum cognoscere causas.(Fortunate is he, who is able to know the causes of things.)


Fan Zhang(张凡)


The year of 2016 was my twentith year coming to this world. After two years struggle, I'm eager to work harder and looking forward to enjoying every beautiful theory in physics and mathematics as well as the joy to find novel phenomen in experiment.

Jie Wang(王杰)


I am from Nantong, a city in Jiangsu province. I have many hobbies, such as reading, singing and traveling. I am honored to be a member of this group. A new life starts!


Name Was Is
Minglei Cai(蔡明磊) Undergraduate Graduate student at Tsinghua University
Tianyu Dai(戴天誉) Undergraduate Graduate student at Duke University
Wei Dai(戴维) Undergraduate Graduate student at Columbia University
Youtian Zhang(张又天) Undergraduate Graduate student at Rice University
Kejing Zhu(朱科静) Undergraduate Graduate student at Tsinghua University
Ke Wang(王珂) Undergraduate Graduate student at École Polytechnique
Zhonghan Cao(曹中涵) Undergraduate Graduate student at National University of Singapore
Tao Chen(陈涛) Undergraduate Graduate student at Institute of High Energy Physics